Friday, April 22, 2011

My host family, city, and the people from Peru!!! (and some thanks)

Well, it's taken some time but about a week ago I got a message from my host brother!!! His name is Oscar but he will be in Germany while i live there. By the way the city that I will live in is called Arica! It is a beutiful city near the beach.

My host dad is a Medical doctor and as far as I know my host mom doesn't work. I will live with my host Mo, Dad, and possibly Grandma. (My host mom is a big coffee drinker like me haha) They have told me they are excited to meet me and of course I am extremely excited to meet them!!! Oscar took a video to show me part of the house, it is in spanish and i didnt undersand much, but the first room is the kitchen, then they show part of the living room, then the patio (with a pool!!) and then it finishes with his room which will be my room while I stay there. So here is the link to the video:

Today Rotary had a picnic for a group study exchange and the people that are here are from Rotary district 4300 in peru! It was especialy cool because one of the guys from Tanca Peru lives about an hour from Arica.I was able to practice my spanish, and allthough i am not so good, I was able to understand more than i thought and when i didn't understand they were happy to help me by translate! :D

Now i wantto finish this post with some Thank yous

-Thank you to Rotary International for having the youth exchange program!

-Thank you to District 6460 and Central States for doing so much to help us prepare for our exchanges by organizing fun weekends and confrences!

-Thank you Mom for taking the time to always come with when required and thank you to my family for listening to me ramble onabout how excited i am!

-Thank you Harold and Jeanie For always dealing with all the questions I have and always answering to the best of your knowlege, and when you dont know instead of just saying 'I don't know' you always look to find the answers for me!

-Thank you to My aunt Shell and uncle Charlie for giving me some work to earn money this summer and for offering to loan the money that I am not able to earn!! You have no idea how relieved this made me you guys are the best Godparents!!! Thank you!

-Last but certainly not least (actualy one of the biggest reasons i have gotten to this point) Thank you SeƱora Robinson! If you wern't so good at teaching I wouldnt have liked you and probably wouldnt have joined interact, but since you are an incredible teacher and make it fun and interactive i ended up likeing you and when you anounced Interact I went to the meetings and thats how i found out about RYE and started this whole process!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

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