Monday, February 13, 2012

January Vacation!

Pisco Elqui
My district planned what I would call a mini fun weekend. We all got together in a city called La Serena. I had to ride in a bus for 22 hours to get there it was at the time the most uncomfortable ride ive been on. then from La Serena we went to a little town called Pisco Elqui and camped. I didn´t enjoy this so much but ive never been much of a camper. the scenery was beautiful though! we had planned for two nights there and were gonna do a bike ride and horse back riding but that all fell through because nobody wanted to stay a second night. I also wanted to state a funny fact the Germans all brought suitcases to go camping xD lol

La Serena
After I got back to La Serena I stayed with my host brothers friends parents so that i could get to know the city better. I had a great time exploring the city! I would go out around 1 everyday and not get home until 9 every night! the center was like 4 times the size of the one here in Arica! the beach was like a million times better than the one here in Arica and there was this garden called the Japanese Garden and it was Amazing!! I stayed in this city for 3 days before going to Santiago.

In Santiago I stayed with my host parents for the first week. I got together with my friend almost every day while i was there. We went to a theme park and i got the courage to ride 2 real roller coasters for the first time WITHOUT getting sick!! We went to this hill that was really big and had a castle on the top of it. and an amazing view! There was a library that was huge but i wandered around that place for like 30 minutes and never found any books besides a room full of biographies. then i went alone to this other hill with another castle but i never found it... there was a Japanese Garden there but it was pretty lame compared to the one i had seen in La Serena. Eventually my friend invited me to her vacation house and so i went there for the weekend. (ps there is some amazing graffiti in the city)

My friends Vacation house
Her vacation home is about an hour away from stgo, and was probably one of the most amazing houses ive seen here in Chile! The town that it was located outside of was pretty lame but the house had everything! It had horses and an area to ride the horses, there was a pool, a huge garden where tons of things grew, and it was huge! not allot happened there but it was a bunch of fun!!

Back to Santiago
When I got back to Santiago I continued to hang out with Victoria (mi friend) everyday and eat allot of "gringo" food (usa food) like dominos, Papa jonhs, etc... I did some more touring but nothing significant although a few posts back i mentioned that I went to Pisagua and In santiago I went to a museum that explained the history of it a lot better and you can look the story up online but it´s like a mini holocaust that happened in the 70s! then the time to go home came and i bought a ticket in a less uncomfortable seat so i could have more spending money. i got home at 1am on the 29th.

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