Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some things I forgot to mention

There is another Exchange student in my school from thailand, she has been here since february, and already my spanish is better than hers! (since my last post about a week ago it has improved quite a bit) When she arrived she didn't know any spanish at all, and everyone spoke to her in english. When I got here I told people to speak to me in spanish because I needed to learn, the other student did't do this, probably because she had no background in spanish... But now she knows some spanish and I have gotten everyone to start only speaking to her in spanish. She doesnt know how to conjugate the verbs and the native speakers try to explain it but the don't know how to explain it well. I, fortunately, learned how to and can reteach what my teacher taught me to her in a more simplified way than what the Chileans are doing. :) The chileans just list off verbs in each tense like so:

I showed her a chart for conjugation and explained how it worked and that it works with most verbs but there are some irregulars and stem changers. Anyone who had Señora Robinson will know what the chart looks like. I was glad I could help her out, but she still forgets to use conjugation properly xP haha

Another thing is they have a lot of security! My house for example has ten foot walls surrounding the yard (walls not gates) and in the front a ten foot gate. the doors don't unlock ever! everytime i get home i unlock the gate and relock it the front door I unlock and when I shut it behind me it relocks automatically :o This is true for almost every house I have been to.

Most people have maids here. I am glad that we don't have a live-in maid because some of my friends have them and they never look happy. We have a maid that comes in about two times a week and does some cleaning. She is very nice and also a good family friend. When she comes she will usually eat with us as well. She has her own house key which is unusual for someone outside of the family to have here.

I will have an update for September at the end of the month or begging of October so keep checking! :)


  1. :). Sounds like you're adjusting well! You should encourage Bekah to post on her blog! Keep the posts coming!

  2. Jake!! Your blog is amazing man! It almost made me feel like I was sitting home reading about far away places... Then I looked up.. And o ya I'm in Thailand. Keep posting man, I want to know more. If you ever get the chance ask the girl from Thailand what part of Thailand she is from. This is great!


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  3. Thanks! I'm glad it's good haha, I will definitely take a look at yours. By the way she lives in the Northern part but I can't spell het city haha. xD

  4. Tengo lágrimas en mis ojos cuando leo tu blog. Su vida cambiará para siempre por esta experiencia, y estoy realmente disfrutando de cada palabra que escribes.

    PS....How's the coffe? ;)

  5. The coffee good, but my host family only drinks instant :\ but I can go to a coffee shop and get some because they are reasonably priced here (not $6 for a specialty coffee xD) I´m so glad to see someone from the Y on here reading this! :D I really don´t think I´d be here if I hadn´t worked at the Y! But by the way who is this?? haha I just saw YMCA Lifeguard as the job xP I´m glad you enjoyed it and hope you continue to follow!! :)