Saturday, October 1, 2011


SORRY!!!! I´ve been really bad with pictures!!

Peru...almost... :/
I almost got to go to Lima Peru!! One of the exchange students from my district last year lives there and we were going to get together and she was going to show me around Lima. that would have been sooooo cool!!! But we talked to the consulate of peru and they told us I would have no problems entering Peru, but going back into chile might have caused some problems. They told us the worst case was deportation D: I don't want to risk that and neither does my host family. The girl the my host mom talked too actually said to talk to Obama about getting it changed. The reason there could be problems is because it´s hard to go to the USA and so other countries such as Peru think its a good Idea to make it hard for US citizens to enter.

Visitor from the USA
Somebody from the USA came to our school on September 9th to work on helping us with new strategies for learning. He had to use a translator because he had only lived here a week and doesnt know Spanish. His translator was very good at English and used to be an exchange student in Wisconsin. I should have asked her if she was with rotary because if she was she might remember Grabd Rapids! That would be kind of cool and to see her blazer too (if she had one). I Definitely will ask her if I see her again.

2nd Grade
So i mentioned that Im in classes with little kids. I dropped most of those because I was only with my classmates a couple times a week and I didn't like that. Now I'm just in class with 3 medio and 3 times a week for an hour and a have I'm with 2 basico its like 2nd grade xD haha. But really I'm able to keep up with this class...although I studdy as if it were a high school level class xP My spanish has come to a standstill almost... I always have trouble remembering little things and unfortunately that followed me here. I've reverted back to using flashcards xP Last year in order to remember the vocab in Spanish I made flashcards. My understanding of spanish is better than I thought!!! :D Im reading a book with the 2nd grade class and read a few pages before realizing I wasn't translating it!

Running and The Beach
I stopped waking up early to run, but dont worry I still run. :P Now I run in the eveining I like this better because now I can explore new routes and have time to get lost! XP my new favorite run takes me right up to the beach and then I like to take a walk and let the waves run over my feet before running home. The stray dogs are pretty cool too. There are some that hang out at the beach and then play with the families that show up. I think that is pretty neat.

I went swimming in the Ocean for the first time today!(oct. 1st 2011) The water is the grossest thing that has ever gotten into my mouth! (no, i wasnt trying to taste it...its hard not to with the waves) I can´t wait to start learning how to surf!!

horrible luck D:
So I have to ridee in the taxis allot while i´m here, i know ive mentioned this before but i have a reason for saying it again. The otherday I went to a dance performance that one of my friends was performing in. I had my iPod in my pocket when I got in the taxi to go to the dance. about 20 minutes before leaving I realized that my Ipod was no longer with me! We called the taxi place and they called the driver and he said that he had many people in and out of the taxi and it wasnt in the taxi anymore. :( Worse later that night I rode a Taxi home and the same thing happened with my cell phone!!

Dieciocho de Septiembre
Sept 18th is a holiday here, I´m not sure what holiday exactly... I thought it was Independance Day, but that was wrong, and it was explained to me but I didn´t follow too well. I spent the first part with my host family and we had a big cookout and allot of great food! then I went to my friends house and her family was there and we were playing games like races, jumprope contests and we just had a great time, They reminded me alot of my family. :D

Empanadas are a really popular dish here in chile and I learned how to make cheese empanadas! I plan on making a ton when I get back to the USA, there actually pretty easy to make :P and tasty to eat.

Spanish Progress!
Since I last updated my blog my Spanish has gotten better. I can speak basic conversation without thinking about what I'm saying or translating everything into English! I still conjugate the verbs wrong sometimes like I just said "yo fuiste a correr" I should have said "Yo fui a correr" So it really says "I you went running" when I wanted to say "I went running." Lets hope it continues to improve :D

I´ll probably have another update with some things I didn´t think of in about a week!

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