Thursday, December 8, 2011


Halloween is a coppied holliday from the USA! xD who would of thought we had something of our own that we share with other countries. Anyway their are a few differences such as here you get the day off of school and then the day after halloween off also. I was really surprised that there wasnt school either of these days. anyway on halloween I went to a halloween party for a little while but ended up leaving because I had just gotten back from my vacation that day and really wanted to relax and maybe watch some scary movies.

Dia de los postres
The first saturday of November my school had a celebration at the school to get families out there to enjoy some desert like foods. Different classes did performances as well as some students doing smaller group performances. I was actually suposed to work a stand for about an hour but never got around to it. D:

2º Basico (2nd grade)
I realized my spanish has improved imensly, but i still am not fluent. I asked to cut out 2º basico from my schedule so that i could i spend more time with my class and practice more. I felt kind of bad leaving them because they were all sad to hear i was done with them, but I wasn´t getting anywhere sitting around writing all class. But one of the last classes i went and saw some really great art and was surprised whe i found out it was almost all done by a freind of mine from school.

Not exatly sure what this and i cant go either because i was at a rotary conference in viña del mar when it happened, but my school had two fundraisers for it. Both times it was like a big sale where everyone in the school brought things like movies, books, toys, clothes, ect... to sell and all prophets went twaoard the teletón. It was fun because everyone bought silly things that they dont need or really want just to be dorks. xDD

I met a girl from the USA who lives here with her whole family, Now since Thanksgivin g is an American Holiday I didnt think i was gonna get to celebrate it this year, but she invited me as well as a guy from the Dominican Republic. The food was great and there was tons of it just like Thanksgivig should be :D I almost felt like I was in the USA for a while which was strange , And when I got home my host mom asked me in spanish a question and I answered in english xDD but I also fond out that she was a Rotary Exchange Student to Brazil just a couple years ago! It was really neat to get to see all her pins and i cant wait to shaare all mine with her!

My Host Brothers Bad Luck
My host brother, who went to germany, Had a really great family at first, but then they started to get really strict and when he tried to change Rotary didnt do anything to help him. eventually, im not sure how or why , but he got sent home. The oddest thing is that he went to a German speaking country and came back almost fluent in English... How does that even happen xP but hey he can practice with me now, If he came back knowing German he wouldnt be able to do that. xP

Viña Del Mar
The first weekend in desember we had a ditrict conference in viña del mar! I arrived there on thursday and stayed with a Rotarian everyone else got stuck with 5 to 12 hour bus rides! Friday we didn´t do anything but talk all day and we gave speaches. Saturday we spent an amazing day in a rotarians house and had tons of great food swam in the pool and just had a good time. Sunday we did some more topics and they had us do an open topic presentacion which we had to come up with in 30 minutes so my group did hide and seek xD and the others was a trick to get rotary to take us out for ice cream haha xDDD Sunday at 3 we were given free time until it was time for us to go...unfortunately I had to leave at 250 to go catch my plane >< Hopefully I´ll be travelling out there to stay with the other Students for a few weeks in january.

Not much to say here but after seeing how far everyone has come with spanish I just have to say IM SO HAPPY with how well mine is! Im not the best but I´m definitely decent :D

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