Friday, November 4, 2011

Vacation to the south!! :D

Day One (10/21/11)
The first day of my vacation I woke up and got ready for the plane ride, I was already packed because I hade taken care of that the night before. The plane ride was boring as expected. When I got to Santiago my host parents were already there waiting. From the airport we took a bus for about 20 minutes, then we got off the bus and walked a short distance half of which I was begged to buy something by some guy that realized I wasn´t from Chile. Then we got on to a subway and rode for about 40 minutes, when we finally got off we got onto another bus! D: We only rode for about 30 minutes this time, but I had too stand the whole time -_- Finally we got to my host parents daughters house! There we ate some food, I took a nap, and then it was time too leave. Thankfully we had a ride this time! When we got to my host parents appartment my host mom packed her bags and then we left again, tis time to meet a friend who we were going to stay with. Her apartment was on the 11 floor and had a really good view. They pointed out that Santiago is divided into section just like New York with Mannhatten and Brooklynn and whatever else is there, but I don´t remember the name of the section where we stayed. That night I slept on an Air matress and it kind of sucked.

Day Two (10/22/11)
I woke up early because the air mattress was on a hard wood floor and it had deflated and hurting my back! I made some instant coffee (Oh man I miss real coffee from the coffee pot!) Got something to eat for breakfast and sat on the balcony and read. When my host mom and her friend got up we all got ready and went to a mall. I went off on my own and found a STARBUCKS!!! I was so excited that I ended up going back there like three time in the 2 hours that we were there. xP I also bought some books in spanish that I enjoy but have to use a dictionary allot for. :/ We went to the food court for Lunch then back to the apartment to get ready for the next flight.

On the plane we saw a a volcanoes with a lot of smoke coming out of it which was kind of neat (this will come back up later so dont forget it)

Then we arrived in Puerto Montt and checked into a really nice hotel with a nice but boring view of a hill. We left our stuff and went to a Casino where I won and lost nothing. When we got back to the hotel I went to bed. There were three bed in the hotel two twin size beds and a queen size bed. For whatever reason they game me the big bed and they took the small ones, but i didn´t complain. :P

Day Three (10/23/11)
We spent most of this day on a bus on our way to Chiloé. It was terrible! But Chiloé is an Island so the bus had to cross parts of the ocean and we got to get off the bus and look over the edge which was really cool! We finally got off the Bus and into the car of the people we were staying with. We got a a small tour of some of Chiloé on the way to the house. It is a really beautiful Island! Then we got to their house and ate something and just kind of relaxed the rest of the night. this was the first time I had a clam and it wasn´t too great.

Day Four (10/24/11)
I began the day with a run and enjoyed the cool breeze and the great view! When I got back I had breakfast and got ready for the day. We took a walk aroud the city, by the way we stayed in a city called Achao and it only has about 2000 people living there. The centro (if you dont remember centro is like a downtown area) was really tiny but had a bunch of hand made things.

Later we did another drive and saw a church that was really old and we also saw some more really graet views (Chiloé is famous for 16 Churches that are on the island...just FYI) After driving around we went to a cookout and i ate some kind of crab which was good.

Day Five (10/25/11)
We got to see the inside of another church and then I went for a run around the city, the view wasn´t as great but it was still awesome. Not much happened during the day, but that night we went to a friends house and had some normal drinks and some tht are only in Chiloé called liquor de oro, It wasn´t that good.

Day Six (10/26/11)
We got up early to catch a bus...Yay! We went to another city about 1 hour away and there was alot of cool things and almost everything was handmade! We then went to some other friends house and had lunch before leaving to catch another wonderful bus. :/ This is where the volcano comes back, we didn´t watch any news until this point and we found out that the volcano had closed the Airport for a few days and if it didn´t open back up we would have to take a 12 hour Bus ride back to Santiago! D: at about 10pm we were back in Puerto Monnt. They went to the casino and I watched TV after changing the language to English! It was nice to watch some of the shows I like that are only in Spanish here in English again!!

Day Seven (10/27/11)
We went to a mall and it was the worst mall ever! There was no coffee shop, and no decent bookstore and the other stores were just clothes! There was nothing to do! Finally we met in the food court for lunch, then we went to an area that had alot of really great handmade stuff! I would put pictures of what I bought up, but mostly everything is Christmas presents for my family and since they read this that would spoil the surprise. After Chrismas I´ll post a picture.

Day Eight (10/28/11)
We went to a city called Frutillar and it is a really small city, but is the cleanest city I´ve ever seen in my life! We ate lunch there and then we went to Puerto Varas (i think) and went to the Oktoberfest celebration (i know thats Germany but whatever it was there :P) Then we went to the casino again and this time i came out with the same amount of money that i went in with. We got back to the Hotel and found out that the planes running again! Thank God!

Day Nine (10/29/11)
This was almost a repeat of the 7th day. We went to the same Mall, an dthe same area with all the hand made things. Then we hung around the city until it was time to go to the airport. We got on the plane and arrived in santiago around 10 and at the house around 11. Again I slept on the air matress.

Day Ten (10/30/11)
This was almost a repeat of day 2. Got up early, coffee, breakfast, reading, got ready, went to the mall, STARBUCKS! food court, back to the apartment. Then we decided to go to this other Mall and it was HUGE!!! I´ve never seen such a big mall I spent like an hour just to walk around and see what was there without entering any stores, then I went to starbucks and started looking at stuff! We ate at this little resaraunt that was there and then returned to the apartment. The next morning I got up at 6:30 to catch the plane to Arica.

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