Thursday, October 20, 2011

The rest of September, and the First 20 days of October.

Sorry, I know in the last post i said i´d get to this sooner but time just got away from me, and in all truth, writing this blog is really boaring, I have to force my self to do it!! Well anyway ENJOY!!

On September 18th (the holiday that i talked about in the last entry) my host dad took me around on a mountain tour! There were some really amazing sights! The first picture Is of this little hole that every few minutes a HUGE splash comes up through, I always missed it but I did get a video, so you´ll have to ask to see some time, or watch it on facebook. The second is a picture from a ledge that I was standing on. and the third is a picture of some engravings in the mountains. I think they look like llamas, but every single one on all the mountains (and yes there are ALLOT more) face the same way. It´s because 100s of years ago (or whenever they were made) they were pointing toward an escape route for emergencies! I thought that was pretty neat.Just FYI the third one is kind of small and hard to see so save it to you computer and then open it and zoom in. I dont know why but it shrinks allot on the blog page >.<

Farm Restaurant
Near the end of September, we went to a restaraunt that at first i thought was a little odd because the floor was made of hay...well i still think it´s a little odd, but anyway...After we finished eating it made since why the floor was like that. Behind the restauraunt was a mini farm area! There was a pool which was empty, and a little play area for kids, and a path that went through where all the animals were. It smelled really bad xP There was a peacock which was really cool because i´d never seen one before and it almost put its tail out but then stopped :/ There was also a really great duck, it stood by the doo of the gate and sared at us and just repeatedly said QUAK! QUACK! QUACK! over and over again! I wish I would have taken a video because it was really funny! ( the duck and the peacock that i talked about are the first two photos)

Gala Dance Thing
The name slipped my mind but i know it had the word gala in it, but it was this big dance thing that my school did and each class had its own dance. I recorded the dance and took some pictures.

Pre-Vacation and Vacation
My host family all went on vacation to Santiago leaving me with the house all to myself for the week! Pretty cool since they´ve only known me for 2 and a half months! I´m joining them tomorrow (Friday October 21st) in Santiago until October 1st. so make sure you check back in early November for an update on how that was!

Package/ Pizza/ Iowa
I got a package from home which was really nice and it put a smile on my face!
I tried to make my grandpas pizza, which didn´t turn out because I couldn´t find some of the more important ingredients, so I have to wait for the next package from my mo to make it the right way. for those of you who don´t know his pizza is the best! I´ve never had any that was better!
And I got accepted to the University Of Iowa! That is the school that I want to go to!!! :D

I was getting frustrated with the issues I´ve been having with Spanish so I decided to just sit and watch a movie in Spanish. I, of course picked an easy child's movie from Disney "Beauty and the Beast" I found Spain Spanish, Latin Spanish, and Castillo Spanish. Chile speaks Castillo Spanish and so i looked at the Spain and Latin ones first. the Spain one sounded really bad so i stopped watching pretty quickly, and the Latin one was great but i stopped quick with that one too. I then went too the Castillo one and it was terrible! Not only did I not understand well but the singing voice of Belle was horrible! So I went back to the Latin one and am happy to say that the music was great, and I understood whole thing! Of course there was a word here and there that i didn't get, but it was at a point to where I could just tell what it meant by the context and the other things they said.

Annoying Message!
So i was responsible and signed up as a US Citizen that is outside of the country. Now I get this message every couple weeks!! and it´s exactly the same every time!!

To: U.S. Citizens in Chile
From: Mark Leoni, Consul General
Date: October 20, 2011
Subject: Security Notice – Student Demonstrations

The U.S. Embassy in Santiago alerts U.S. citizens traveling to and residing in Chile of the likelihood of continuing disturbances in Santiago and other urban centers in connection with the student protest movement. The U.S. Embassy urges U.S. citizens to avoid the areas of demonstrations and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of any protests.

Since June, there have been mass demonstrations in Santiago and regional capitals calling for improvements in Chile’s educational system. While the majority of the protests have been peaceful, several have involved anarchists and delinquents, frequently clad in hoods (called encapuchados) that incite violence, throw rocks and Molotov cocktails, and engage in acts of vandalism. Several demonstrations have drawn over 100,000 supporters to the streets of central Santiago. The protests have closed a number of Chile's universities and high schools, but to date have had minimal impact on travel and business. Most of the protests have been well-publicized and announced several days in advance, but the potential for spontaneous demonstrations exists.

There are no indications that foreigners or U.S. citizens are being threatened or targeted. Nonetheless, U.S. citizens are advised to remain alert to local security developments and to be vigilant regarding their personal security by monitoring media, knowing the locations of police stations, hospitals, and the U.S. Embassy. The Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid all demonstrations, as bystanders can quickly be caught up in unforeseen violence. If you are in immediate danger, call the police at 133.

Since the protests are ongoing and generally well-advertised, we will not send frequent Emergency Messages (unless the situation changes drastically), but will post updates on the Emergency Messages page of the U.S. Embassy Santiago Website.

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